Big Winners V.I.P. Party
Sunday, March 1st 11:00-3:00pm
700,000 points minimum on card to attend
It’s Back Again…
We are rolling out the Red Carpet. This is our Annual Costomer Appreciation Day. This is a special invite party only, for a more intimate feeling party for our big players as a thank You for your patronage!
This will truly be a PLAYERS PARTY!!!
Better Food. Better Prizes. Everything we have to give!
$20 in Free Play!!

We are giving tons of bonus points for all you pusher fans.. Each SPECIAL PINK QUARTER = $25,000
Every 100,000 Points cashed in gets 1 entry into the Super Showcase

Amazing Giveaways
1:00 – $50 Gift Card (YOUR CHOICE)
1:30 – $50 Gift Card (YOUR CHOICE)
2:00 – $100 Gift Card (YOUR CHOICE)
2:30 – $200 Gift Card (YOUR CHOICE)
Participate in our Scanvenger Hunt Challenge everyone has the chance to win 50,000 points and be entered to win
2,000,000 Ponts
on April 26th!!!
$5 Lucky Bucks Cards in all Wizards and Pushers
At 2:00 We will be serving a Surf and Turf Buffet
– – – FREE Parking, Coffee, & Cookies All Day Long!!! – – –
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Gift Cards
Are Available, Please Contact Us For Details!
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