From the monthly archives: "May 2014"

Carnival Party

Sunday, May 18th 11:00-3:00
Minimum 700,000 Points on card to attend
Bring the Family down for this special party where we are challenging you to do a bunch of Carnival Style games every 20 minutes for prizes!!! All the Games and the arcade will be set up Carnival Style!!!
carnival party

Free $10.00 in Quarters

At 2:00 we are serving up A Special Boardwalk Buffet

Grand Prize

In the spirit of The Boardwalk today at 3:00 we are drawing our…

$250 Gift Card Givaway

Mother’s Day Party

Sunday, May 11th 11:00-3:00
200,000 Points on Card to Attend
Free Flowers for every Mom and $10.00 in Free Play
(Worth up to 100,000 Points)
Amazing Raffles

Starting at 12:00 we will have a raffle every 1/2 Hour!!!
Coach Wristlets, Points, Gift Cards, More!!

Every 1/2 Hour we will pull a flyer for a Free Entry in the Super Showcase.Every 100 K Cashed in today will give you Free Entries in the Super Showcase.

Special Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt
extra special chances to win points today
2:00 Mother’s Day Buffet

Bring Mom out for this special Lunch and let us do all the work
Grand Prize
At 4:00 we will pull a Raffle Ticket for a…
$400 Coach Handbag
Free Coffee and Cookie All Day Long!